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What Inventory Management Software Can Do

Dash is em3’s proprietary cloud based order management system. Dash integrates with all sales channels and provides real time order tracking and inventory management. As your customers place orders on line and as new inventory is received at em3, Dash dynamically updates and displays the current order and inventory status.

Dash also provides our Clients with historical reporting on sales, inventory and pick and ship costs. Reports may be viewed, sorted and exported by date range with a simple click of the mouse!

Dash gives you visibility of backorders, low stock, receipts, returns and more. To make things really simple Dash can send auto alerts via email for the transactional events of your choice.

Here are a few screenshots to give you an idea of the power of DASH:


When you securely login to DASH this screen is displayed. The Dashboard displays pertinent information about your order statistics, top sellers, backordered items and quick links to the most commonly used functions.
You will notice that navigation is driven by the top tabs and the left side menu.



The order list screen gives you a high level overview of your orders. This can be displayed by any date range selected and shows the status of each order. Click on an individual order and the detail is displayed.




Order operations provides detail for each order imported into DASH. The ship to, billing contact, order source (web site, Amazon, eBay, etc.), tracking number and order notes are displayed. Order operations is a great tool for customer service enabling them to track sales and customer interaction with permanent order notes.




The Calendar screen shows a monthly sales order summary on a daily basis. A mouse click on the underlined date takes you to all sales orders for the given date.



The map link provides a sales summary by state and date range. Hover over a state with the mouse and statistics are displayed. A click on the state hyperlinks to the order list screen for all sales to that state and date range.

The functionality of DASH is amazing and it gives our Clients a single place to go to see all sale orders from all sales channels and drop shippers. Oh, did we mention that DASH also supports multiple warehouses and drop shippers? It does!