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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I outsource to em3 Commerce?
– By outsourcing to em3 Commerce you take advantage of world class systems integration and support without the investment in software, hardware, personnel and facilities.

– Proven industry experts will be handling your shipping and receiving.

– You will have real time sales and inventory reporting giving you the tools you need to effectively manage and grow your company.

– You will reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction

What are the advantages of using em3 Commerce?
– Secure cloud-based order management system
– Real time order and inventory visibility, 24/7/365     – Express orders received by 1:00pm est – ship the same day
Seamless e-commerce integration supporting all shopping carts
– Maintain customer database – secure backup
Real time or batch order processing customized to your business
– Comprehensive order and inventory reports and downloads
– Automated backorder management and low stock notifications
Complete return processing and notification
– Pick and ship cost analysis and reporting
– Customized “shipped order” notification
– Support of multiple warehouses and inventories

What happens 1st?
Contact us via contact form, email or phone call
em3 will schedule a “ Discovery “ phone call to learn about your business, your products, your needs and of course to make sure that em3 is truly an appropriate “fit”. We want to make sure that you are successful!

Ok, how do I get started?
– We set up your account based on the information that you have provided to us.

– We import your skus and integrate with your shopping cart(s). While some 3PL’s claim you can do this yourself we know that this is not your area of expertise and we want this to be as simple for you as possible.

Send your products to us and we are ready to ship orders.

How much does it cost to outsource to em3 Commerce?
Based on your order volume and product mix we may be able to offer very transparent flat rate processing starting at $3.50 per B2C order with up to 6 like items plus shipping costs.

Larger items or more diverse product mix as well as B2B shipping (cartons, pallets, etc) will be priced competitively.

Every business is unique and may have special needs. We will be happy to prepare a custom quote for you. No surprises or hidden fees. Guaranteed!

Can you integrate with my sales channels?

If your shopping cart can export an order file (xml, csv, Excel) we can integrate the cart with DASH and provide real time order processing.

em3 is integrated with multi channel sites such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

em3 is a partner and reseller of the Volusion shopping cart.

Do you have minimum requirements?
There are no minimum requirements but we do suggest that you have at least 25 to 30 orders per day to make outsourcing your order fulfillment cost effective.

Is fulfillment right for my business?
It really depends on the amount of time that you are devoting to the hands on daily shipping and receiving tasks and your order volume. If you have reached the point where all of your time and energy is focused on daily order processing then the answer is probably “Yes”. Outsourcing to em3 will enable you to allocate that “hands on” time to “brain time-” sales, marketing and actually growing your business.

If you have already outsourced your fulfillment and are not pleased with the level of service that you are receiving then the answer is absolutely “Yes”! At em3 Commerce we provide an unparalleled level of service by knowing our clients, their products and their specific needs as if it is our own business.