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A Step by Step Look at em3’s Fulfillment Processing

Sales Order Integration with DASH

Customer orders from all our Clients sales channels are entered in DASH (em3’s cloud-based order manager) in various ways:

Shopping Cart Integration is the most common source of sales orders. Some fulfillment companies may give you DYI “instructions” how to accomplish cart integration with their systems but we know that our Clients’ expertise is in product development, sales and marketing – not programming. Our professional staff at em3 will manage the entire cart integration process with DASH, run test orders to make sure that everything is working correctly and monitor orders when we go “live”. em3 has developed a series of checks and balances to insure that all orders from shopping carts are captured and downloaded to DASH. em3 monitors all file transactions and has system alerts to notify our staff if a transaction or file fails. If alerted, em3 takes immediate action to resolve the error (usually missing information from the customer – like an address) and if necessary notifies the Client’s customer service team in order to correct the error. Bottom line is that ALL orders are accounted for!

Batch Order Import is another method of order input in DASH. With this method, a file is sent to em3 with all of the order information in formatted fields (we can provide a template or use an existing spreadsheet and “map” it to our system). Preferred file formats are Excel, XML and CSV. The batch order import method is very useful for entering hundreds to thousands of orders at one time.

Manual Order Entry is another feature of DASH. A unique functionality of DASH is a very simple and straight forward order entry form. DASH prompts the user to choose the skus and quantities, the shipping address and shipping method (Ground, 2 day, Overnight, etc). Customer information is securely stored in the Client database to make repeat orders simplified. This method enters the order instantly to DASH. The DASH Order Form is a very useful method for customer service to use with accounts that procure with purchase orders and are invoiced on a billing cycle. It is also a very simple mechanism to ship product samples or replacement items without having to use a shopping cart.


em3 Commerce receives Client’s inventory directly from their suppliers. All inbound freight is delivered to 3600 Commerce Blvd., Kissimmee, FL 34741.

Clients create an ARN (Advance Receipt Notification) in DASH to alert the fulfillment center of the pending delivery and receipt and also notifies their supplier of the order request. When the supplier information is set up, DASH will send an email to the supplier when the ARN is created.

Upon delivery, the packages/cartons/pallets are inspected for obvious freight damage. If found, the damages are notated on the bill of lading.
Receiving exceptions (overages, shortages, damages, wrong items, etc) are entered in the ARN notes field and our Clients are automatically notified via email by DASH. The supplier/shipper will be responsible for filing freight claims for inbound freight. If damages are severe, digital photos will be taken, the Client will be notified and the freight may be refused.

Cartons containing mixed skus will be opened, sorted, inspected, counts verified and received against the indicated ARN.

Single sku cartons or single sku pallets will have a sample carton open and verified and the delivered quantity will be received against the indicated ARN.


After product identification and count, em3 will stock the inventory in unique warehouse locations (we stock only one sku per location to avoid inventory errors). DASH is automatically updated with the receipt and the inventory is ready to fulfill orders.

Order Fulfillment and Processing

Orders are released throughout the day. Within minutes after a customer has placed an online order it is imported in to DASH and released to the fulfillment center for processing.

A custom packing list is printed for each Client’s order. The packing list will have the Client’s logo on the top of the page, the “ship to” information, the order number, a list of skus, product descriptions and quantities being shipped. A customized note from the Client can also be added to the packing list. These notes are usually the customer service number, return policy and a “thank you for your order”.

Although a packing list is printed for every order, em3 has a paperless picking system. We pick orders with an RF (radio frequency) device that directs order selector to the exact bar-coded warehouse location where the requested SKU and quantity to be picked are displayed. The product is scanned and the requested quantity is entered. If the wrong sku is scanned or the wrong quantity is entered the pick process for that order is halted. Our system will not allow us the pick anything but the correct item and quantity.

The picked orders are then staged for a final QC and are packaged for shipment. At this stage another set of eyes looks at the packing list and product to make sure the order is being fulfilled correctly. Our staff are expert at packing orders and making sure that the correct size carton is used and that the products are protected from damages during shipping. We use environmentally friendly recycled materials for dunnage and packing.

Normally if an order is in by 1:00 pm eastern time it is processed the same day.


Once packed, the small parcels are released to the manifesting stations. Here the packages are individually weighed and scanned in our multiple carriers manifesting software. em3 can “rate shop” on a package by package basis for the most cost effective carrier (USPS, Fed Ex UPS, etc.) based on each Client’s shipping needs. Our rate shopping service is designed to not override any special shipping requests such as Overnight delivery. Tracking numbers are uploaded to DASH as packages are scanned giving our Clients and their customer service representatives’ real time shipping information.

Larger shipments i.e. LTL (less than truckload) or TL (full truckloads) are also rate shopped for the best possible cost and transit time. em3 only uses trusted national carriers for freight shipments. The carrier and bill of lading pro number(s) are also uploaded to DASH for shipment tracking and customer service support.

Reverse Logistics (Return Processing)

Returned orders are unfortunately a part of eCommerce sales. Items are returned for various reasons such as wrong address, refusal, didn’t fit or like, exchange or simply no reason given at all.

em3 works with our Clients to develop and understand their specific returns rules and comply with their policies when processing returns.

DASH will create an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) at the order detail level. Customer service, upon receiving a call or email from a customer requesting a return, can easily go to that unique sales order, choose the item(s) to be returned and issue an RMA number to the customer. Upon request, em3 can also send a call tag to the customer for the product return.

When the returned product is delivered to the fulfillment center it is opened, thoroughly inspected and processed. The condition of the returned product and disposition (return to stock, damaged, hold status, etc) is notated in the DASH RMA notes and a notification email is automatically sent to the predetermined Client representative.

Exchanges are processed in the same manner but em3 will wait for authorization before the exchange item is shipped to the customer.

em3 will also notify the Client of an order being returned for a bad address. The returned package will be placed on hold until a corrected address is supplied at which time the package will be reshipped to the customer.

Return product history and notes are permanently stored in the DASH Order Detail notes and are available at any time for customer service to reference.

Kitting and Light Assembly Services

em3 offers product kitting and light assembly services to our Clients. By creating selling units from multiple skus or pre-packing single skus in 10, 12, 24 packs Clients’ sales offerings are increased and processing costs are reduced. Pre-assembled items or packages utilize the efficiently of an assembly line scenario and reduces picking, packing and shipping costs. Upon request, em3 will perform a time study/cost analysis and provide the Client with a written quote for the specific project.

em3 Commerce has proudly worked with the Osceola County Work Opportunity Center for many years and recruits their dedicated staff for many of these projects each year. The fully supervised teams work at the em3 facility and their work has proven to be simply top notch! This pairing is truly a win-win situation for em3, our Clients and our local community.

Client Services and Support

em3‘s Clients know that they are not just a numbered account. We know, respect and fully support our fulfillment Clients and provide the best possible “one on one” support available. We embrace your business model, become familiar with your products and consider your customers “our” customers. We know that a positive customer experience is paramount in today’s competitive market and that a happy customer is most likely to be a repeat customer.

em3‘s support line is a mere email or phone call away. Whether it’s a request to change, stop or expedite an order, a request to physically inspect and report on existing inventory, or a question regarding DASH, we can accommodate! During normal business hours, requests, calls and emails are always answered within the hour (usually in minutes) by our knowledgeable Client Support Team.