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Our Florida distribution shipping service

em3 Fulfillment : Your Florida Distribution Shipping Service

Here is how we do it:

Robust Systems
em3 Commerce clients have the peace of mind knowing that their business is supported by a trio of cloud based enterprise grade solutions.

Red Prairie is the em3 Warehouse Management System (WMS) of choice. Red Prairie Software optimizes every move, enabling agile and productive distribution operations. Red Prairie provides the technology and support needed to effectively manage inventory and lower distribution costs.

Oracle is the database on which our Clients’ data is securely stored using certified, state of the art servers located in our own data center . Oracle delivers a complete enterprise solution for information management, supply chain, sales, service, and back-office administration.

DASH is em3’s proprietary cloud based order management system. DASH seamlessly integrates with our Clients’ shopping carts and multiple sales channels. DASH provides our Clients with real time order and inventory visibility, management and reporting.

Scalable Capacity
em3 boasts over 100,000 sq ft of high bay warehouse space. With 26 loading docks, 3000+ pallet storage locations and 30,000+ available pick locations, we can offer our Clients the scalable solution that meets their immediate needs and accommodates their future growth.

Industries Served
em3’s expertise is providing high volume pick, pack and ship services for our Clients. We are equally proficient at both B2B and B2C order fulfillment. Whether an order is going to a consumer via USPS 1st Class Mail or a full truck load shipping to a major retailer, we provide the same rapid service and complete order tracking.

Some examples of industries that we support:

– Direct Sales
– Healthcare
– Nutraceuticals
– Apparel
– Media (books, cd’s, DVD’s)
– Pet products
– Gift, specialty and promotional items
– Trade shows

Client Support
em3‘s Clients know that they are not just a numbered account. We know, respect and fully support our fulfillment Clients and provide the best possible “one on one” support available. We embrace your business model, become familiar with your products and consider your customers “our” customers. We know that a positive customer experience is paramount in today’s competitive market and that a happy customer is most likely to be a repeat customer.

em3‘s support line is a mere email or phone call away. Whether it’s a request to change, stop or expedite an order, a request to physically inspect and report on existing inventory, or a question regarding DASH, we can accommodate! During normal business hours requests, calls and emails are always answered within the hour (usually in minutes) by our knowledgeable Client Support Team.